High Performance Computing

Tota la información sobre este servicio está en inglés.

The mission of this Unit is to provide Bioinformatics resources to the groups and units of the IMPPC.

The main tasks of the unit are:

  • Administration and maintenance of High Performance Computation equipment including ensuring the availability of the system 24x7
  • Scientific software installation and Maintenance
  • Biological Databases installation, indexing and updating
  • Machine purchasing assessment

The evolution of both the Genomics Units and the Integrative Cancer Biology Program created the need for a completely new informatics infrastructure at the institution, so a new  system was purchased and installed. The current configuration is:

Disk system:

  • 35Tb of long term storage
  • 5Tb of short term storage

Cluster system:

  • 64 cores
  • 512Gb of ram
  • 16Tb local disk

Backup system:

  • 13 LTO Ultrium 5 tapes
  • Backup library with one LTO 5 drive

Various servers to ensure redundancy and stability of all the services

To accommodate this equipment and guarantee a correct working environment and full availability, a new dedicated building was constructed and equipped with all the technical requirements (redundant air conditioning, redundant power supply, high speed network connection to the main building, etc.) The installation currently hosts two computer racks and has been designed to accommodate up to seven, would this be necessary in the future.


Additionally, an experienced Linux systems administrator was hired to manage the system, maximize efficiency of use and performance and ensure that the needs of researchers are met.

The Unit, based on Linux, provides services and infrastructures to the groups and units that need to apply complex and computationally expensive techniques to their research.  This way it frees them from the need to dedicate material and personal resources to the laborious installation and maintenance of hardware and software.  It also provides access to equipment that would not be affordable for a single group or unit.

The Unit started work in May 2011, and since then all programs have used its services.

Currently, the Institute is not using all the informatic resources in terms of storage and computational capacity. The main single user of both is the Genomics Unit, which uses the infrastructure for all NGS experiments storage and analysis. Additionally, as initially planned, the Integrative Cancer Biology Program uses a significant part of the computational resources.However, the unit is already registering approximately 50% of the workload generated by “non-computational” groups. This confirms the opportunity and convenience provided by an in-house unit in an institute like the IMPPC.

For more infomation about the High Performance Computing Unit, please contact Judith Flo on jflo(ELIMINAR)@imppc.org



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