Instructions for External Users of the IMPPC Genomics Unit

IMPORTANT: In order to commit the genomics unit to perform any service we will need you to be REGISTERED as a user of the unit (please use the PDF GU01 User registration) and have an ACCEPTED PRICE QUOTATION.

Petition Procedure

A consultation prior to making a quotation is required in order to define the user's needs and determine if the unit can offer the service based on internal demand and under which terms. To request the actual service we will need to define all the technical details regarding experimental design, samples, type of assay and analysis in writing. For this we users are required to submit a completed SERVICE REQUEST FORM (see PDFs GU03, GU04, GU05 or GU06  below).

The lsit of services availble wuith pricing infromation can be found here.

Definition of Types of Users

There are three types of external user fees (see the Full Service Price List) depending on the affiliation of the principal investigator who requests the service (i.e. the PI who is directly in charge of the funds covering the costs):

1. Can Ruti Campus

Researchers from institutions of the IMPPC immediate surroundings (Institut de Investigació Germans Trias i Pujol and Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol; Institut de Investigació Josep Carreras, etc), or that belong to executive board institutions of the IMPPC Foundation (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, etc), as well as researchers who are involved in direct collaborations with IMPPC members and that pay through a shared source of funding.

2. External Public

Researchers from all other external public research institutions.

3. External Private

Researchers from private companies.

Conditions to be fulfilled

1) BUSINESS AGREEMENT: The price for the service proposed by the genomics unit has been accepted by signing the quotation issued. NOTE: A 50% advanced payment fee will be charged immediately upon acceptance such that there is a fund allocation towards the purchase of required reagents to perform the service.

2) SAMPLE QUALITY: A sample QC service has been requested (by acceptance of price quotation). Samples have been delivered with estimated concentration and rough quality assessed by spectrophotometry and electrophoresis. They should be handed to the unit along with a sample delivery and QC request form GU04, labeling samples exactly as the tubes. Samples will only be acceptable for processing on genomic assays after passing internal QC tests.

For DNA:

Depending on the assay we may require from 200 ng to 10ug of DNA of good quality and purity (RNA free, OD260/280=1.7-1.8) and integrity (high molecular weight by agarose gel electroforesis for genomic DNA; clean single product bands for PCR amplicons; properly size ranged amplified chromatin immunoprecipitated material). Concentrations usually are preferred at over >50 ng/ul. For genomic DNA good number to start is to have a minimum of 10 ug delivered at once at ~100 ng/ul and we keep the sample until the end of the experiment and return leftover to you. Please contact for assay specific details.

For RNA:

RNA must be pure (DNA-free, OD260/280=1.8-2.0) and processed in RNAse-free conditions to prevent RNA degradation. We need 200 ng/ul of sample for bioanalyzer analysis. For cell lines, if RIN (RNA integrity number) is higher than 8 (ideally close to 10) and homogeneous between samples, we can go forward. We will require 500 ng per data point for the microarray experiment (if limiting it may be down to 100 ng per sample). For total RNA a minimum of 2 ug is delivered at ~200ng/ul and we keep the sample until the end of the experiment and return leftover to you. Please contact for assay specific details.

3) SCIENTIFIC AGREEMENT: Experimental design has been clearly defined by filling run and analysis request forms (see below), assigning samples unequivocally to a specific condition and specifying what analysis needs to be done. This includes a statement on ownership of intellectual property and publication authorship.

4) LOGISTICS: Reagents are at hand and there is no other experiment ready to go in queue. Estimated data delivery time frame is between 1 day and 2 weeks after experiment run is completed depending on specific assay and type analysis requested.

Genomics Units Forms

For any doubts please consult with Lauro Sumoy at the Genomics Unit.   In most cases the GU staff will complete the form before both parties sign.  

Please note that all SAMPLE NAMES must be clear on delivery or samples cannot be processed.

Digital signatures will not be accepted.  All forms must be printed and signed for presentation.  Signed forms can be scanned and sent by email if the names are clear.

GU01 User registration

GU02 Analysis (Bioinformatics service request)

GU03 Dual Channel Hybridization (service request)

GU04 Sample Quality Control (service request)

GU05 Sequencing (Massively Parallel Sequencing Service Request)

GU06 Single Channel Microarray (service request)

If forms GU02-Gu06 don't cover your needs, please use the general form:
GU00 Generic (Other types of request)


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