D·IRON Diagnostics in Iron Metabolism Diseases

Procedure for sending samples for molecular genetic studies to the UDGAEMH

Before sending samples it is required to contact by email (udgaemh@imppc.org)

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Send the following documents by regular mail to the UDGAEMH:
- Study request duly completed.
- Informed consent (deliver a copy to the patient) signed by the patient, or in the case of a minor (under 18 years old) signed by a parent or legal guardian.
- Research consent (deliver a copy to the patient) should be signed by the patient or in the case of a minor (under 18 years old) a parent or legal guardian in the case that the patient is interested in participating in a research project.
- Compulsory clinical report (iron overload questionnaire or anemia questionnaire). Please fill in the medical report in as much detail as possible. If desired, other reports about the patient can be attached.
- If it is a family case, it is essential to send a family pedigree in addition to separate documents for each patient/relative that is tested (1 form per person).

Before sending the samples, the UDGAEMH receives and verifies the documents and reviews the reports and the adequacy of appropriate genetic studies in each case. In case of doubts about which genetic test to perform, the UDGAEMH will advise the doctor, after studying the request. If there is any documentation missing the doctor is contacted via e-mail or telephone to obtain the necessary information. If all documentation is correct, a case number and patient number are assigned to the study and the doctor is sent a budget request. This budget must be returned signed (by mail or email) and once received the UDGAEMH asks the doctor to send the samples.

According to the LOPD, these documents must be sent by regular mail and NEVER BY EMAIL.
Also please, when making requests by email, do not include personal data (name, date of birth, medical record number ...) or medical records with confidential details.
From now on, this coding will be used whenever making requests about a given case. All emails should use this coding, otherwise they will not be answered.

It is important to note:

1. Important notice for samples sent from a non- European Union country.
Please include only our document ¨proforma invoice¨ together with the samples to avoid the parcel to be retained in custom.
Otherwise, if samples are held at custom, the fee will be paid by the center sendly the samples.

2. Sample volume to send
a. Total blood in EDTA. At least 5 ml for the genetic study and an additional 5ml if the patient has signed the research consent.
b. 1 tube without anticoagulant serum (approximately 4-5 ml).
c. If a DNA sample is sent, send at least 3ug of DNA for each gene requested.
Please do not send blood samples from a non- EU country (only DNA samples)

3. Method of Transport
Send samples by fast courier (delivery maximum 1-2 days) at room temperature in an appropriate container for biological samples to the address above (it is important to direct them to the UDGAEMH since there are other diagnostic units at the IMPPC). The center sending the samples should cover the shipping cost of samples (we DO NOT cover transport costs).

4. Inform the UDGAEMH of Deliveries
Before sending the samples send an email to udgaemh@imppc.org so that we are aware of the delivery and prepared for the reception of the samples

5. Schedule
Monday to Wednesday from 9.00 to 17.00h. Please avoid sending samples Thursday and Friday because of its proximity to the weekend and to avoid possible losses.

6. Notification of Reception
The UDGAEMH will contact the doctor to report the arrival of samples to IMPPC.

7. Notification of Results
On completion, the UDGAEMH sends a report by certified mail with the genetic results obtained, and the bill that must be paid within 60 days after the end of the study. The bill for the study is exempt from VAT unless the sample has been sent by a private company.



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