IMPPC Biobank

The IMPPC Biobank is a research supporting unit transversal to IMPPC, part of the Genomics and Epigenomics of CancerPrediction Program and develops its scientific activity jointly as with the Disease Genomic group.

The Unit collects and manages human biological material and data to support multidisciplinary research studies, providing support to the ethical and operational issues associated with each approach, i.e. the informed consent process, sample collection strategies, custodianship, access to sample and data and rules for disposal amongst others

The Unit offers, to researchers, services related to the handling and collection of biological samples.


The primary mission is hosting the large population cohort (LPC) study GCAT|Genomes for life. Cohort study of the genomes of Catalonia. GCAT is a large research resource dedicated to genomic and epigenomic biomedical research in chronic diseases to implement personalized predictive approaches in medicine, as well as preventive strategies in public health. See Project 1: GCAT on the Disease Genomics Group page.

Processes and Quality Management

The IMPPC Biobank (GCAT|IMPPC biobank) implements standardized operative protocols (SOPs) for collection, processing and storage of samples and data according to international guidelines in order to guarantee reproducibility of results from high quality samples. Samples are accepted by the biobank if all the quality criteria are met. We define for all biobanked samples the Standard Preanalytical Coding for Biospecimens (SPREC code) in order to track all preanalytic variations in collection, preparation and storage of the samples. We have implemented a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to assure traceability.
In end 2013 the GCAT|IMPPC biobank has started the authorization process at Health Catalan Ministry with the aim of obtaining recognition as a biobank devoted to human research.

Besides its scientific activity, GCAT|IMPPC biobank offers, to researchers, services related to the handling and collection of biological samples. 

Services currently being implemented

  • Incorporation of pre-existing humans research collections
  • Incorporation of new prospective humans research collections (sample and data)
  • Extraction and storage of serum and plasma
  • Automated extraction of DNA (magnetic beads)
  • Storage of DNA samples
  • Quantification of DNA samples for low volumes (Picogreen, qbit, Dropsense)
  • Quality control procedures for DNA samples (e.g. Dropsense, STR profiler)
  • Purification and cryopreservation of mononuclear cells (e.g. Ficoll, Dextran)
  • Generation of immortalized lymphocyte lines (shortly from small volumes)
  • Freezing and storage at -80ºC and LN2 

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Standard Preanalytical Coding for Biospecimens: Defining the Sample PREanalytical Code

Members of the Laboratory


Rafael de Cid rdecid(ELIMINAR) 
IMPPC Biobank
Ctra de Can Ruti, Camí de les Escoles s/n
08916 Badalona

General email: gcatbiobank(ELIMINAR)

IMPPC Reception: (+34) 93 554 30 50
Biobank direct line: (+34) 93 557 2838


During the consultation phase the Biobank Unit will provide a quote for your request.
Prices will be negotiated depending on the scientific project requirements and the nature of the request center. Please note that there are four different general types of fees depending on the applicant.

Please check the list for a guideline of prices here.

Petition Procedure

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