The Epigenetic Mechanisms of Cancer and Cell Differentiations Group now forms part of the Program for Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer at the Institute Germans Trias i Pujol (IGPT) on the Can Ruti Campus. The name of the group is now  Please see the IGTP website here.


Recent discoveries and improved techniques are creating a new scene, where epigenetic features, such as the structure and activity of chromatin, are being defined. This information will help us to understand how genomic information is regulated and interpreted in physiological situations, such as development; or pathologies, such as cancer.

Our research centers on the molecular characterization of progression in colorectal cancer and the identification of molecular markers with clinical applications (risk, diagnostics and prognostics). Within the fields of Genomics and Epigenomics our current interests are:

  • Identification and study of chromosomal regions which are silenced in tumor cells.
  • Description of the epigenetic mechanisms that regulate repetitive elements and how these elements participate in biological processes, amongst them cancer.
  • Study of the interaction between epigenetics and genetic instability, and how changes in the structure of chromatin can affect the integrity of the genome and facilitate or induce cancer.

In addition, our group aims to contribute to the advance of Genomic Medicine by developing new technologies and bioinformatic tools (more info at The group has created the spin-off Aniling ( focused on the improvement of Next Generation Sequencing methods.

Group Members:

Previous Members of Lab:

  • Raquel Buj
  • Belén Sánchez
  • Elvira Carrió
  • Anna Díez-Villanueva
  • Mireia Jordà
  • Joaquim Custodio
  • Marta Forn
  • Víctor Barrera
  • Inês Cebola
  • Regina Mayor
  • Sergi Lois
  • Laura Vives
  • Jairo Rodríguez
  • Elena Gómez-Díaz
  • Gemma Aiza
  • Cristina Morales
  • Maria Ribas
  • Elisenda Vendrell
  • Jordi Frigola
  • Rosa-Ana Risques
  • Laia Masramon
  • Gloria Julià
  • Olga Campos
  • Isabel González
  • Silvia Tórtola
  • Rosa Arribas


  • Functional anatomy of cancer epigenomic architecture / SAF 2015-64521-R

    Investigador principalFinançadorsData d'iniciData de finalització
    Miguel A. Peinado MINECO01-01-201631-12-2018
  • GEUS: Unified analysis of genome and epigenome with high fidelity / M.A. Peinado/L. Coll/ V. Moreno / RTC-2015-3867-1

    Investigador principalFinançadorsData d'iniciData de finalització
    Miguel A. Peinado MINECO01-01-201531-12-2018
  • A new mechanism of action of Azacitidine beyond DNA hypomethylation in human cancer. A pilot study. GRANT-ESP-063

    Investigador principalFinançadorsData d'iniciData de finalització
    Miguel A. Peinado Celgene SL 01-01-201731-12-2018
  • Deciphering the contribution of epigenetic modifiers in muscle cell identity, differentiation and growth / BFU2016-80748-P

    Investigador principalFinançadorsData d'iniciData de finalització
    Mònica Suelves MINECO01-01-201731-12-2019


Office 2-2, Lab 2-1 (second floor)

(+34) 93 554 3050

Epigenetic Mechanisms of Cancer and Cell Differentiation

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