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3 June 2014

Xavier Garcia Albiol, Mayor of Badalona visits Can Ruti Campus

On 3 June the Mayor of Badalona, Xavier Garcia Albiol visited Campus Can Ruti and attended a presentation of two of its newest projects at the Health Sciences Research Institute of the “Germans Trias i Pujol” Foundation (IGTP).

In the introduction Dr Manel Puig, Director of the IGTP gave the vital statistics of the campus and pointed out that there are over 4,000 people working there, 500 of whom are researchers and 150 of these are principal investigators. He pointed out that there is still a lot of work to do in making the importance of the campus and the work carried out there known to the population of Badalona in general.

Marc Folch of Calderon-Folc-Sarsanedas Arquitectes outlined the project for the building of the Comparative Medicine Centre (CMC), which is to be built on the site of the old gymnasium above the IMPPC and Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute buildings.

He described the structure as magnificent and technologically state-of-the-art and complying with complex technical and security requirements. With a wooden façade and open light public areas, it will be completely sustainable and integrated into the mountainside. It will be built from prefabricated parts, which is a more efficient, accurate and rapid system.

The scientific and technical area of 2,000m2 will be unified to provide an ethical, safe and technically advanced husbandry and research service. The total area will be 4,500m2.

The CMC will be a national and international reference for comparative medicine. Work will start before the end of 2014 and it will be operative at the start of 2016.

Dr Evarist Feliu, President of the Executive Committee of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC), outlined the project for the new IJC building on the campus, which is already underway next to the IMPPC building.

It will have 8,200 m2 distributed through 5 levels. There will be a subterranean car park for 100 cars and the ground floor will have an auditorium and restaurant that will be open to all researchers on the campus. The three upper levels will house the laboratories. This building will be connected both to the IMPPC building, by a lateral bridge and to the CMC.

This building will also be operational at the start of 2016.

Dr Puig closed the presentation by thanking the Mayor and the City Hall for their speed and efficiency in dealing with the paperwork regarding the two buildings. He also outlined the efforts being made to streamline research activities and the necessary reorganization required by the Generalitat to comply with the SUMA Project. He asked the Mayor for three important but highly realistic lines of support:

  1. An adoption of the Can Ruti Campus brand and the provision of a unifying and explicative signing system on the campus.
  2. Help with explaining the value of the Can Ruti Campus to the population of Badalona and also with bringing the public to the various institutes for them to get to learn about the research taking place there.
  3. Support for an initiative to find local patrons for research activities amongst the population in general and the Badalona business community.

Xavier Garcia Albiol thanked the directors, scientists and architects present for the presentation and expressed his whole-hearted support. He has taken a personal interest in seeing that the City Hall provides documentation in a timely way and declared the individual buildings and the process of producing synergies a "grand project indeed".

He reflected that it was true that the population in general did not know the extent of the research being carried out at Can Ruti, but said that City Hall should feel great pride and help with the task of explaining and involving the people of the town. Finally he expressed his support and desire to provide the three types of support requested.

The visit closed with a short viewing of the works for the IJC building and a commitment from the Mayor to return again to see the progress made.


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