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11 April 2013

The Agreement is Signed for the Construction of the new Josep Carreras Institute - Clinic-UB Campus

Josep Carreras, President of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) and the International Josep Carreras Foundation, Dídac Ramirez, Rector of the University of Barcelona (UB)and Albert Carreras, acting for the IJC, signed the agreement that will make a new campus possible. The IJC Clinic-UB Campus within the Faculty of Medicine at the UB, on Casanova Street in Barcelona, will have 250 m2, which will include a molecular laboratory, a flow cytometry laboratory, a cryobiology laboratory and an animal house, which will all be fully operational by 2017. The IJC will invest 870.000 euros in adapting the laboratory space and a further 1.690.000 euros in scientific equipment. Due to the complexity of the some of the scientific processes, the works will include the remodeling of some of the shared installations, also to be used by the UB, especially the microscopy, proteomics and genomics platforms to ensure their optimal use.

"The environment for healthcare and research at the Campus is excellent. Our project will integrate and share, add to and give greater power to the excellent facilities already there. At a management level the IJC will share structures, and at the scientific level we are integrating transversal services in several centers to avoid unnecessary duplications. All this to ensure that one day leukaemia and other malignant blood diseases are 100% curable." commented Dr Josep Carreras. Dr Carreras has been a Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Barcelona since 1989.

Pablo Menéndez will be the Scientific Coordinator for the IJC Clinic-UB Campus. Dr Menéndez is currently the Director of GENyO (Centro Pfizer-Universidad de Granada-Junta de Andalucía de Genómica e Investigación Oncológica). He has been awarded an ICREA grant by the Catalan government to work in Barcelona and his group will include 10 researchers. Their work will center on:

• Studying molecular and cellular mechanisms in acute infantile leukemias
• The role of stem cells in the evolution of acute leukemias, mylodisplastic syndromes and multiple myeloma
• The development of animal models to test new therapies and to avoid graft versus host disease, the main cause of graft rejection of hematopoetic cells (bone marrow, blood and umbilical cord transplants)

Dr Menéndez was awarded the International E D Thomas research grant by the International Josep Carreras Foundation in 2006. He carried out the project " Developmental Impact of MLL-AF4 Leukaemic Fusion Gene on Human Stem Cell Fate a Chester Beatty Cancer Research Institute Laboratories in London.


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