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22 April 2013

Two new Reviews Published by the Buschbeck Laboratory

The Buschbeck laboratory at the Institute of Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer (IMPPC) have published two reviews on an important element of chromatin, the structure that packages DNA in cells and controls its function.

In the recent issue of Cancer Letters Neus Cantariño et al summarize work to date on the histone variants macroH2A in cancer and discuss the molecular aspects that need to be taken into account to evaluate macroH2A's potential as biomarker for diagnostics or a target for therapies.

In another multi-author review, Melanija Posavec et al summarize what is known about the ability of the  protein structures known as macro domains to bind to metabolites. How this happens is still poorly understood, but the authors use the example of the macro domain MacroH2A to discuss how this metabolite sensing function of the domain could be affecting the function of the chromatin.


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