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3-4 May 2012

III Annual IMPPC Conference

RNA Biology in Cancer and Other Diseases

This year's conference was jointly organized by Mayka Sanchez and Lauro Sumoy of the IMPPC and by Juan Valcárcel for the RNAREG Consolider Consortium. The event was held at the Casa de Convalesència in Barcelona.

Juan Valcárcel opened the event on 3 May and participants sat through an intense program that included the most influential international scientists working in the field. The meeting covered the most recent advances in the RNA Biology field, from basic research to applied therapeutics, with excellent and world-wide recognized speakers. This meeting opened new opportunities to join forces in this research field between Spanish and international scientists and provided an excellent basis for future collaborations. The expertise of invited scientists was of great interest for researchers at the IMPPC, the RNAREG Consortium and other institutes in Catalonia and this will be reflected in future fruitful and synergistic interactions (e.g. international collaborations and co-application of European and international research funds).

Some of the sponsors also showed off the latest novelties in the RNA Biology field, which provide new and up-to-date information for researchers.

One of the organizes, Mayka Sanchez for the IMPPC said, "Overall, the high quality of the speakers and the excellent organization of the meeting were recognized by many participants, including the speakers; which made us proud for having brought this emerging topic to the Catalan research community".


III Annual Conference


Generalitat de Catalunya

Unió Europea


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Ajuntament de Badalona

Institut Català de la Salut

Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital

Fundació Institut d'investigació en Ciències de la Salut Germans Trias i Pujol