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24 April 2012

Biobanking in Predictive Medicine

IMPPC Workshop in Barcelona explores biobanking

Manuel Perucho, Director of the IMPPC and Rafael de Cid, Scientific Director of the IMPPC DNA Bank Project declared the IMPPC workshop on Biobanking in Predictive Medicine a success.

Two members of the IMPPC Scientific Advisory Board participated: Allan Balmain, University of California, San Francisco, spoke on System-based analysis of cancer susceptibility in Mouse Models and Jun Yokota, National Cancer Research Institute (NCCRI), Tokyo gave a talk on Lung Cancer Genetics in the context of large cohort studies using genome wide analysis.

Marcel Bruinenberg of the LifeLines Project in Gröningen, The Netherlands described a project on "Healthy Aging" that uses data on 165,000 individuals, in a three-generation study. From Barcelona, Ivo Gut of the National Center for Genomic Analysis explained some of the projects being carried out by the CNAG and the sampling, experimental and data processing issues involved. Later, Modesto Orozco of the Barcelona Super Computing Centre (BSC) gave a brilliant review of the technical issues around computation and storage of data in the post-genomic era.

Manuel Morente from the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) reminded the delegates that we need to concentrate on the basics of biobanking, namely the patient. He also said that Biobanking is a young and complex discipline, which means it will be constantly changing in the near future.


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