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17-21 May 2010

Towards Personalized Medicine of Cancer

Manuel Perucho co-organizes a conference for the New York Academy of Science

The Nobel Laureate J. Michael Bishop PhD gave the keynote speech "Cancer Genome and Therpeutics", where he explained the advances in combined treatements for cancers.

Dr Perucho chaired the afternoon session on the first day on Genetics and Epigenetics (Cancer Susceptibility). The first speaker was Dr Yusuke Nakamura PhD, MD, The University of Tokoyo, Insitute of Medical Science and member of the IMPPC scientific advisory board. Dr Nakamura explained the setting up of a large-scale biobank of the Japanese population, a project he was highly involved in, and the results now coming from work on the samples held in the bank.

The conference has been organized by the NYAS, with Talència and the Foundation "Obra Social, Fundació la Caixa" as local partners. The IMPPC participated as a media partner.


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