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Symposium on Genomics, Epigenomics & Predictive Medicine of Cancer

First International IMPPC Symposium

The Symposium on Genomics, Epigenomics & Predictive Medicine of Cancer was held to coincide with the first meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board. Several members of the SAB, along with other invited speakers gave talks.

Dr George Klein (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm) gave the keynote speach on "Cancer proneness and host resistance - an overview".
Dr Angel Pellicer (New York University, New York) chaired the moring session on Cancer Genetics and Susceptibility. The speakers were: Dr Yun Yokota (National Cancer Center Research Institute, Tokyo) "Inter-individual differences in lung adenocarcinoma susceptibility defined by combined genotypes of two genes, HLA-DQA1 & TERT" and Dr Robert Hofstra (University Medical Center, Groeningen), "Lynch Syndrome: old genes new mutations". The sessions continued with Dr Richard Hamelin (INSERM, Paris) "'Ubiquitous Somatic mutations in Simple repeated sequences reveal a new mechanism for colonic carcinogenesis' - A Tribute 16 years after" in which he commented on the seminal paper by Dr Manuel Perucho and the developments that have come from this discovery. Dr Raquel Seruca (IPATIMUP, Porto) spoke on "MAPkinase mutations in MSI gastrointestinal tumours" and the session was closed by Dr Manuel Serrano (Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), Madrid) speaking on "Tumour suppressors at the interface between cancer and aging."

In the afternoon Dr Manuel Perucho chaired the session on Cancer Epigenetics and Epidemiology. The first talk by Dr Perucho (IMPPC, Barcelona) was on Genetics, epigenetics and the link between aging and gastrointestinal cancer". He was followed by Dr Victor Corces (Emory University, Atlanta) speaking on "Nuclear organization and gene expression," and Dr Maria Blasco (Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), Madrid) with a talk on "Role of Telomeres & Telomerase in cancer and aging". Dr Kristiina Vuori (Burnham Institute for Medical Research (BIMR), La Jolla) gave a talk on possible strategies for independent research institutes to increase the scope of their activities along the supply chain from pure resarch to drug development, in a talk entitled "From Basic Cancer Research to drug discovery". The symposium was rounded off with a talk from Dr Xavier Bosch (Institut Català d'Oncología (ICO), Barcelona) on the Human Papilloma Virus and its epidemiology in a talk called, "Transition to prevention: the history of a cancer vaccine."


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