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9 July 2008

IMPPC at Bio2008

Manuel Perucho visits Bio2008 as the new director of the IMPPC

The Bio International Convention is the biggest and most important event for the biomedical sector. This year it was attended by 20,108 industry leaders from 70 different countries and 48 states from the USA.

Dr. Manuel Perucho, Director of the IMPPC met representatives of the BioRegion of Catalonia (BioCat) at the BioCat stand, which provided a dedicated area for exchange of information and meetings between companies and researchers interested in the Catalonia bio-cluster.

During the conference Dr. Perucho was able to meet many of the delegates and attend several meetings aimed at organizing the scientific and structural issues required for setting up the international center for the IMPPC in Badalona. He accompanied Dr. Balcells, President of BioCat; Montserrat Vendrell, Director of BioCat and Jaume Reventos from the Institute of Research, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital on a visit around the Burnham Institute of Medical Research and the Salk Institute in San Diego. He also attended an event organized by the Burnham Institute of Medical Research where the guest speakers Robert Klein Ph.D, Craig Venter Ph.D, Kary Banks Mullis Ph.D and Erkki Ruoshlathi Ph.D all spoke at a round table session entitled “Milestones in Science, Discoveries that Shaped History”.


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