A joint event: IV Annual IMPPC Conference/1st ICO-IDIBELL Hereditary Cancer Program Meeting

Hereditary and Familial Cancer In The Personal Genomics Era

CosmoCaixa, Barcelona 14-15 March 2013

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The IMPPC and the ICO declared the conference a success.


At the moment the only people who can benefit from genetic counseling and clinical intervention to reduce the impact of cancer are people who have hereditary cancer. These people have a higher risk than the population in general of developing different cancers. In some ways, this group is an ideal testing ground for researchers wanting to help all those in the whole population who will develop cancer. Knowledge of the human genome and the application of genomic technologies will help us to better understand the risk of developing cancer for everybody and not only those with a increased susceptibility to developing cancer.
We believe that this meeting is of interest for two reasons; for the topics that will be covered and for the combination of the different fields of Genomics for Public Health and Management of Hereditary Cancer. Our proposed format, the prestige of the speakers in the fields of cancer and personalized medicine and the focus on aspects ranging from basic research to clinical applications makes this an attractive meeting of great scientific interest at the national and international level.

This conference will be of interest to clinical researchers, who understand the transformation medicine will undergo due to the knowledge of the genome and the new tools for studying and interpreting it. It will also attract basic researchers keen to understand the impact that personalized medicine applied to cancer will have on the practice of medicine. The ethical and legal implications of these changes are very important for both these groups of researchers. The meeting is already attracting international professionals, as well as to those working in Spain

We hope to welcome you to join us in Barcelona.  There is no registration fee but previous registration is required for questions of space and security in the Cosmocaixa.  The organizers reserve the right to select delegates for registration from those applying, in the case of overbooking. There will be no registrations on the day.

The Organizers

Gabriel Capellà, ICO
Ignacio Blanco, ICO
Conxi Lázaro, ICO
Eduard Serra, IMPPC