Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives

2013 Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer

CosmoCaixa, Barcelona 21-22 Nov 2013

The 2013 BCEC is the first edition of a series; a novel concept of an open-access conference that is executed as a joint venture by five leading Barcelona biomedical research institutes.

The BCEC has become a reality thanks to the great support of the la Caixa Foundation and a tight collaboration with the B-DEBATE program of BIOCAT and the critical support it has received from both academic and industrial sponsors. Last but not least, this project would not have got off the ground without the endorsement of Andre Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge in the Catalan Government.

One of the biggest challenges in biomedicine today is understanding how the interaction of genetic programming and environmental factors impact on the epigenetic plasticity of chromatin in health and disease. The BCEC series will bring together leading investigators in the fields of chromatin research and cancer. We will discuss fundamental aspects of cancer biology and epigenetics and the possibilities of exploiting this knowledge for the development of novel tools for the management of cancer.

In this inauguration BCEC we will discuss in breadth and depth the current challenges, opportunities and perspectives of cancer epigenetics. More specialized topics will ensue in subsequent years. The 2014 BCEC will commemorate the 50th anniversary of identification of acetylation as the first histone modification.

Organizers BCEC 2013:


Partner Coordinating Centres for the BCEC Series:


Scientific Committee:

Manel Esteller, PEBC-IDIBELL
Miguel Beato, CRG
Manuel Perucho, IMPPC (Organizer 2013)
Albert Jordan, CSIC-IBMB
Eduard Batlle, IRB

Marcus Buschbeck, IMPPC (Organizer 2013)

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