1st PMPPC Conference

Personalized Cancer Medicine in the Age of Aging

9-11 November 2016

Improvements in living conditions and health care in the developed countries have meant that life expectancy has increased enormously and as a consequence the population is aging fast. The population over 65 is predicted to double that of 2010 by 2050 and age is the number one risk for many human diseases, including cancer. Additionally, as a consequence of the many advances that been made in genomic technologies in the post-genomic era, it is now possible to generate and analyze comprehensive genome data for individuals within the general population. So, we can say that personalized cancer medicine based on genomic information is becoming a reality and tailored treatments may be devised and implemented based on the unique genomic characteristics of the individual.

Genomic information is only one part of the picture, as it is invariable, but the interaction with intrinsic genetic factors and the environment can modify the epigenome. The epigenome gives a more accurate picture of the real biological age than the chronological age, as some individuals may age at an accelerated rate while others exhibit a slower aging pace. The epigenomic age may have important consequences for the susceptibility or resistance to disease and thus the life expectancy of the individual. Interaction between the microbiome and the host also may have an impact on disease susceptibility/resistance.

While there has been significant progress in these topics the integration of genome-epigenome-microbiome and other areas such as glycomics and metabolomics has been much less explored in the context of personalized medicine in general and of cancer medicine in particular.

In the 1st PMPPC International Conference we will discuss recent progress in these topics with special emphasis on the predictive and personalized medicine of human cancer.  A number of outstanding international scientists, including researchers from basic science to clinical research fields, have agreed to participate the prestigious program presented here.

No registration fee will be needed, but registration in advance will be required for organizational purposes. Short talks and poster presentations will be selected from the abstracts submitted.

The Organizers

Manuel Perucho, PMPPC, IGTP

Fumichiiro Yamamoto, PMPPC, IJC

Manel Puig, IGTP