III IMPPC Annual Conference:

RNA Biology in Cancer and other diseases Jointly organized with the Consolider RNAREG Consortium

Barcelona, 3-4 May 2012

The IMPPC is pleased to invite you to our III Annual Conference to be held in Barcelona. This year we are very happy to organize the conference with the RNAREG Consolider Consortium, coordinated by Juan Valcárcel.


In recent years RNA Biology has emerged as a strong field that is highly relevant for many physiological and pathophysiological processes. Protein-coding, non-coding RNAs and the RNA-binding proteins that are found associated with them forming ribonucleoprotein complexes (RNPs), control multiple cellular functions and pathways. Non-coding mRNAs such as microRNAs and lincRNAs, far from being “junk” RNA as orginally thought, play a critical role in determining the development and maintenance of different types of cancer and other diseases. Disrupted functions of RNAs and RNPs are the cause of numerous diseases and therefore, the study of the RNA offers many new opportunities for novel diagnostic and therapeutic intervention.

Due to the increasing importance of the field of RNA Biology and its link with cancer we have decided to organize an international conference to bring together renowned scientist from the fields of RNA Biology and related diseases, including cancer. This conference will be the third in a series of annual IMPPC conferences dealing with hot topics in the field of Biomedicine.

The meeting will cover the most recent advances in the field of RNA Biology and will bridge the efforts and interests of scientists working on basic RNA biology and those studying the role of RNAs in cancer and other diseases and their potential use in therapies. We are confident that bringing together leading Spanish and international scientists from different RNA and Cancer related fields to discuss one of the hottest topics in biomedicine will provide the basis for new scientific interactions. In the midterm such new collaborations could give rise to high-impact publications in renowned journals.