Second Annual IMPPC Conference:

Signaling to Chromatin in Differentiation and Cancer

Barcelona, 31 March - 1 April 2011

The IMPPC is pleased to invite you to the II Annual Conference to be held in Barcelona.

Organizers: Miquel Àngel Peinado, Marcus Buschbeck

Co-organized by the "Signaling and Metabolism" group of the Catalan Biology Society. Hosted by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans(IEC), Barcelona

One of the biggest gaps in our knowledge about epigenomes is how their interplay with cellular signals influences differentiation and disease. Therefore, this year’s Annual IMPPC Conference will bring together leading scientists from the fields of Transduction, Cancer and Chromatin.

The conference will take place in the beautifully modernized medieval IEC building in the centre of Barcelona. It will last one and a half days, registration is free but obligatory as space is limited.

There will be six sessions, with 15 international speakers confirmed. A further five short talks will be chosen from the abstracts sent.